STEM Team Duxford 2014

On 11th and 12th June STEM Team East ran their annual STEM Fair in partnership with IWM Duxford . This year in particular the STEM Fair was a superb success with a huge response form schools, STEM Companies, Research organisations and the Universities of Cambridge, STEM workshop providers and STEM Ambassadors alike.

Over the 2 days pupils and students age 7-18yrs enhanced their learning in STEM and increased their awareness of STEM careers. Each of them taking part in STEM Challenges of their choice from 60 different engaging STEM workshops.
The statistics are impressive; 440 Secondary school students and 517 Primary and Middle school pupils.

They were led in their STEM workshops by 147 Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians as experts in their field, thereby adding greater learning opportunities and learning outcomes for the 60 different workshops. The 60 workshops give insights to at least 60 different areas of STEM and STEM careers.

Activities are provided by STEM Team East and by external providers including Napp Pharmaceuticals, Mott Mac Donald, Marshall Aerospace, STRobotics, The Department of Engineering at The University of Cambridge, Cummins Generator Technologies, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, Acoustical Control Engineers Ltd / Belair Research Ltd, ASK acoustics , Anglia Ruskin University, TWI, Glaxo Smith Kline, Addenbrookes Hospital, British Antarctic Survey, Frontier , Society of Biology, LockHeed Martin , Babraham Institute, E-luminate , Polysolar ,RSC , The Chemistry Network (Kings Ely) .CannyBots, NHS, ARU , Cambridge Regional College , EWB Engineers Without Borders

The result was a very successful day of learning with teachers and pupils planning to come back next year.

Young Investigators Programme
STEM Careers Day Programme
Young Investigators Day Photos
STEM Careers Day Photos

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