Erasmus KIKS

STEM Team East is very pleased to be working on a European collaborative project with the Universities of Spain, Budapest and Finland.

The project is titled KIKS. Kids Inspiring Kids in STEM.
The aim of the project is that schools from each country will design and execute their own STEM workshop. The teams in each country will share their experiences and the resources they develop to the benefit of all and it is hope that the resources developed will be disseminated and used by schools throughout each country.

The UK has a particular advantage here in that the schools are familiar with STEM and STEM enrichment activities. The term STEM is well established. However this project is an interesting challenge in that the work is student centred and the students are authors and directors of their own learning.
The UK teams are prepared by STEM Team East and associate staff, Prof Adrian Oldknow and Dr Tony Houghton.
School are involved from Sussex, Brighton and Cambridge.

Our Cambridge schools are Linton Village College and Sawston Village College. Read their project plans below. Both projects are exciting, challenging and packed with high level learning opportunities.

Linton Village College (LVC) is an outstanding co-educational comprehensive secondary academy with a reputation for educational excellence. The school is situated on the borders of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk with 830 students on roll between the ages of 11 and 16. As a Village College, the school is at the heart of its local community, providing life-long learning, sports and leisure amenities for its locality.

The Erasmus teams are under the supervision of Mr Steve Groom, Engineering Programme Leader at LVC . He has also held the role of STEM coordinator for the school.  Steve came into teaching from an earlier career in Engineering where he brings the benefits of this experience to the STEM enrichment activities for his students.

The LVC team is made up from Y10 students who have decided to investigate/explore, through a series of experiments, the best type of wing profile with Aileron design to generate lift. Their idea is to measure the lift load of different designs, measured at various angles of attack. They plan to further investigate the effect of vortex airflow caused by different Aileron designs. The school has a wind tunnel which was built during a previous engineering project. At present  the Erasmus teams are designing a rig to hold  the aircraft wings in the wind tunnel. They are also investigating methods of displaying the airflow patterns in the wind tunnel.


Sawston Village College is an academy school in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England. It was previously the first Community college in the country and the first Village College.

The College is committed to extending learning beyond the classroom and forging links with schools and communities overseas.

The Erasmus project teams are working under the supervision of Mr Gary Whitton . Gary is Head of Science and he also has a role in STEM Outreach. His teams have been drawn together from across a number of year groups and they are coordinated and lead by a group pf yr 11 students from the senior end of the school .  The team member will be working towards the Bronze and Silver CREST awards from the British Science Association for their work on the Erasmus projects.

They have made good progress on a plan of activities based on their experience of running a STEM Club and attending external events such as the STEM Fair

Team 1  is the GCSE astronomy club and they  want to research  circumpolar stars – learn how  to do star trail photography and how to calculate the sidereal day

Team 2 is the STEM club they will be making model Philae Landers and producing a PowerPoint Presentation and learning resource

Team 3  Chaos Theory. The students will be working through the basics of Chaos Theory and adapting existing Code to produce some results to calculations.

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