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The STEM Ambassador Programme is funded by the Government through The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and The Department for Education.  The scheme is an interesting and valuable way for companies to support community outreach and put Corporate Social Responsibility into practice.  It provides career development opportunities for your staff through strengthening communication, planning and presentation skills. Working with schools in this way means that we can challenge stereotypes about the career paths of people with STEM skills and therefore encourage young people to consider careers in these areas, hence new future employees for the company or the industry.  More information: STEMNET Guide to STEM Ambassadors – For Employers

Find out how your company can help STEM Team East ‘Inspire the next STEM Generation’. 

 Connecteb manages the STEM Ambassador Programme for Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.  For more information on how your organisation can become involved in the STEM Ambassador Programme email us at


Case Study

Marshall Group
Marshall Group are relatively new to the STEM Ambassador scheme, but this longstanding local Cambridge Company have embraced the scheme with gusto and now include it as part of their annual recruitment and professional development programme.
Marshall Aerospace hosted Nuffield Research Placement students during the summer months, supported and mentored by their staff as STEM Ambassadors.  They consider the time the Ambassadors spent with these students as valuable  staff development and recognise that the Ambassadors played a vital part as role model for the students. Marshall Group very kindly hosted the Nuffield and CREST Celebration Event.
The Company also supports the  STEM Team East STEM Fairs, including The Engineering Festival, providing STEM Ambassadors as guest speakers, giving talks to teachers as PDP and developing new activities. The company sees that the STEM Ambassador programme benefits their staff professional and personal development and supports and enriches their Corporate Social Responsibility.

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