2016 STEM Fair at IWM Duxford

We had a really exciting STEM Fair this year with over 1000 pupils attending over the two days- 33 different schools, 60 different workshops  and 225 STEM Ambassadors – who are university and Industry staff Scientists ,Technologists, Engineers , Computer Scientists and Mathematicians . 

The event is hosted by IWM Duxford and organised by STEM Team East.  There are 60 different workshops which are provided by STEM Team East and 46 different organisations of which 41 are local STEM Companies.  There is an amazing breadth of STEM Enrichment on offer and both days are about the great opportunity for learning beyond the curriculum. Workshops range from the Science of Butterflies to Off- shore Engineering.  We are particularly pleased to have a Coding Corridor to help create the new generation of digital smart students to support the growing, technology led world we live in and a Graphene workshop to inspire students about the possibilities of this new , revolutionary material that will reshape many industries.

An important part of this event – which makes it so unique – is the chance for every pupil to do two high quality STEM workshops, each lead by at least two STEM professionals. The Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematician of today from local employers- small, large and multinational companies, research Institutes and universities. This is a tremendous opportunity for the regions pupils to be inspired by this inspiring group that make up the STEM Ambassadors and the companies and university staff who are so generous of their time and expertise.

We are grateful to the following organisations for supporting us and providing the workshops

AstraZeneca, MedImmune, Addenbrookes Hospital, Anglia Ruskin University, Anothermouse Ltd,  Babraham Institute,  Cambridge Centre for Computing History, Cambridge Regional College, Qualcomm,  Dow Agro Sciences Ltd, EWB- Engineers Without Borders, Frontier, Glaxo Smith Kline, Airlander Hybrid Air Vehicles, Lockheed Martin, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group,  Napp Pharmaceuticals, NHS, The Ogden Trust,  Royal Society of Chemistry,  THREEDY 3D Printer,  STRobotics, The Royal Air Force, The Royal Navy, TWI,  Cambridge Science Centre,  Cambridge University,  Softcogs Ltd, Jide Ltd, GPIO Support Services, Table Flip Games, Code Club, Raspberry Pi Foundation, , Milton Contact, IWM Duxford, Cranfield University, Lowbots, Cambridge Rotarians, British Science Association, Belair Research Ltd,  JDR Cables Ltd, Structural Engineers Cambridge, Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit,  Unipart Autoparts, Jaguar Landrover, Institute of Acoustics,Cambridge Design Partnership, E-Luminate .

About the Day

STEM Team Duxford is an enrichment day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics   presented as a hands-on Activity Fair.  The event runs for two days – on the 14th June is Young Investigators Day for yr 3- 8 , KS2 and 3 (i.e. pupils aged 7 yrs old to age 13yrs old). On the 15th June is Secondary – STEM Careers Day which is aimed at KS3 and KS4 and KS5 students (age 11 yrs – 18 yrs).  


Full Press Release 2015

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STEM Team Duxford 2014

On 11th and 12th June STEM Team East ran their annual STEM Fair in partnership with IWM Duxford . This year in particular the STEM Fair was a superb success with a huge response form schools, STEM Companies, Research organisations and the Universities of Cambridge, STEM workshop providers and STEM Ambassadors alike.

Over the 2 days pupils and students age 7-18yrs enhanced their learning in STEM and increased their awareness of STEM careers. Each of them taking part in STEM Challenges of their choice from 60 different engaging STEM workshops.
The statistics are impressive; 440 Secondary school students and 517 Primary and Middle school pupils.

They were led in their STEM workshops by 147 Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians as experts in their field, thereby adding greater learning opportunities and learning outcomes for the 60 different workshops. The 60 workshops give insights to at least 60 different areas of STEM and STEM careers.

Activities are provided by STEM Team East and by external providers including Napp Pharmaceuticals, Mott Mac Donald, Marshall Aerospace, STRobotics, The Department of Engineering at The University of Cambridge, Cummins Generator Technologies, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, Acoustical Control Engineers Ltd / Belair Research Ltd, ASK acoustics , Anglia Ruskin University, TWI, Glaxo Smith Kline, Addenbrookes Hospital, British Antarctic Survey, Frontier , Society of Biology, LockHeed Martin , Babraham Institute, E-luminate , Polysolar ,RSC , The Chemistry Network (Kings Ely) .CannyBots, NHS, ARU , Cambridge Regional College , EWB Engineers Without Borders

The result was a very successful day of learning with teachers and pupils planning to come back next year.

Young Investigators Programme
STEM Careers Day Programme
Young Investigators Day Photos
STEM Careers Day Photos

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Elizabeth Crilly joins Cambridge Science Centre Board

Mrs. Crilly, Dir. STEM Team East, joins Science Centre Board
MEDIA ALERT – 17 September 2012    ***FOR RELEASE***
Cambridge Science Centre significantly strengthens its relationship with local schools

STEM Team East Director Elizabeth Crilly accepts position on the Board of Directors
Plans for the creation of a science centre in Cambridge, a venue open year round to improve opportunities for public engagement with science and research through exhibitions, shows and educational programmes, took a major step forward with the appointment of Elizabeth Crilly to the Board of Directors. Mrs. Crilly will help to guide the development of the organization and its educational plans. 
The Cambridge Science Centre continues to achieve some significant milestones. In 2012 it became an educational charity, raising founding capital, setting up a project office in central Cambridge, and successful running multi-week exhibitions and events. This includes the summer Library Science Lab tour in Cambridgeshire libraries which has already reached over 1,500 people.  Now in 2013 the first Science Centre premises are up and running in Jesus Lane . In the first 6 months alone the centre has exceeded its years target of footfall. As the centre continues with its exciting plans for 2013 and beyond , Mrs. Crilly’s skills will guide how the organization sets its educational priorities for schools and teachers. Mrs. Crilly has significant experience in Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) outreach to schools being Director of STEM Team East and having an extensive background in teaching, scientific research and business.
On the Board Mrs. Crilly joins Dr. David Cleevely, Chairman, technologist and serial entrepreneur; Dr. Goery Delacote, experienced founder and international science centre executive manager; and Mr. John Short, a senior legal partner and governance advisor.
“We are looking forward to working with Elizabeth”, said Dr. Cleevely, “Her skills will make sure that we deliver an exceptional programme meeting the needs of schools and teachers. Her local network and experience will help show the value that a science centre in Cambridge can bring to local and East Anglia schools.”
To date the Science Centre team has partnered with STEM Team East on several events throughout 2011 and 2012 and having Mrs. Crilly on Board will deepen that relationship.
“I am very excited to be working with the Cambridge Science Centre team”, said Mrs. Crilly, “The projects and its educational aims are exactly what communities around Cambridge need. Cambridge is an amazing hub of research and innovation which, combined with the educational potential of a science centre, will get young people really excited about science and help them positively shape their career choices.”

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Success at the STEMNET Awards!

We are very pleased to announce that both of our shortlisted nominees for the STEMNET 2012 Awards were successful.  Congratulations to STRobotics in the Most Dedicated Employer category and Bob Duddridge of Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough in the Most Dedicated Teacher category.  The Award Ceremony was held on the 21st November at the House of Lords. Bob and Geena (representing David Sands of STRobotics) met with many key figures in the STEM enrichment arena. They were congratulated by Prof Rolf Heuer, director of CERN and Lord Sainsbury.  Both have won a trip to CERN.

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