Associate Staff


Adrian Oldknow
Adrian Oldknow is STEM Education Advisor at STEM Team East.  Adrian studied Mathematics at Hertford College, Oxford and gained an MTech in Computer Science at Brunel University.  He taught in schools, further education, teacher-training and higher education before becoming Head of Mathematics & Computing at the University of Chichester.  He was awarded a Personal Chair in STEM Education.  In 1997 he left to become STEM Education Consultant to international IT companies including HP, Intel, Promethean, SMART and Texas Instruments.  He was Chair of the Professional Development and IT Committees of the Mathematical Association and took a leading part in cross-curricular STEM projects for Government agencies such as Becta, QCA and the TTA.  Since 2010 he has campaigned for more stimulating, relevant and effective STEM education opportunities for all learners 5-19.  He established the Centre for Innovation in Technological Education in Cambridge and co-founded the Engineering & Technology Education Partnership.

Tony Houghton
Tony Houghton is STEM Collaborative Education Adviser. He studied Psychology at University of Cambridge, Magdalene College and received a doctorate in Communications Engineering from University College, London, a year of which was undertaken with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT). He is also STEM Visiting Professor at BKF Budapest College of Communications and Business. He taught in schools for four years before leaving to work in a French Human Factors Consultancy. Returning to England, he worked with British Telecom Research Laboratories. His BT career culminated in ‘Understanding the Young Customer’ which was the basis for his doctorate. He leads educational programmes bringing together business, university, non- profits and schools engaging both local and/or global communities, and has worked with Microsoft, CISCO, Pepsico, DHL, Essex County Council, Coventry University, Specialist Schools Academy Trust, Eurescom, IET, STEMNET, Nationwide, Chunghwa Telecom and Sony in Singapore.

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