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STEM TEAM Duxford Annual Science and Technology Fairs

Working in partnership with Imperial War Museum Duxford Department for Learning, STEM Team East runs an Annual STEM Fair.  This is a great opportunity for pupils to work with STEM Ambassadors and learn in a stimulating environment. Our Young Investigators programme has hands-on practical activities, a science talk, drop in demonstrations and guided learning in the IWM interactive gallery.

Dates for STEM Team Duxford 2017 : IWM Duxford and STEM Team East are both  undergoing a period of change therefore IWM Duxford cannot host this event until June 2018

Press Release of STEM Fair 2016

We had a really exciting STEM Fair  with over 1000 pupils attending over the two days- 33 different schools, 60 different workshops  and 225 STEM Ambassadors – who are university and Industry staff Scientists ,Technologists, Engineers , Computer Scientists and Mathematicians . 

The event is hosted by IWM Duxford and organised by STEM Team East.  There are 60 different workshops which are provided by STEM Team East and 46 different organisations of which 41 are local STEM Companies.  There is an amazing breadth of STEM Enrichment on offer and both days are about the great opportunity for learning beyond the curriculum. Workshops range from the Science of Butterflies to Off- shore Engineering.  We are particularly pleased to have a Coding Corridor to help create the new generation of digital smart students to support the growing, technology led world we live in and a Graphene workshop to inspire students about the possibilities of this new , revolutionary material that will reshape many industries.

An important part of this event – which makes it so unique – is the chance for every pupil to do two high quality STEM workshops, each lead by at least two STEM professionals. The Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematician of today from local employers- small, large and multinational companies, research Institutes and universities. This is a tremendous opportunity for the regions pupils to be inspired by this inspiring group that make up the STEM Ambassadors and the companies and university staff who are so generous of their time and expertise.

We are grateful to the following organisations for supporting us and providing the workshops

AstraZeneca, MedImmune, Addenbrookes Hospital, Anglia Ruskin University, Anothermouse Ltd,  Babraham Institute,  Cambridge Centre for Computing History, Cambridge Regional College, Qualcomm,  Dow Agro Sciences Ltd, EWB- Engineers Without Borders, Frontier, Glaxo Smith Kline, Airlander Hybrid Air Vehicles, Lockheed Martin, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group,  Napp Pharmaceuticals, NHS, The Ogden Trust,  Royal Society of Chemistry,  THREEDY 3D Printer,  STRobotics, The Royal Air Force, The Royal Navy, TWI,  Cambridge Science Centre,  Cambridge University,  Softcogs Ltd, Jide Ltd, GPIO Support Services, Table Flip Games, Code Club, Raspberry Pi Foundation, , Milton Contact, IWM Duxford, Cranfield University, Lowbots, Cambridge Rotarians, British Science Association, Belair Research Ltd,  JDR Cables Ltd, Structural Engineers Cambridge, Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit,  Unipart Autoparts, Jaguar Landrover, Institute of Acoustics,Cambridge Design Partnership, E-Luminate .

About the Day

STEM Team Duxford is an enrichment day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics   presented as a hands-on Activity Fair.  The event runs for two days – on the 14th June was Young Investigators Day for yr 3- 8 , KS2 and 3 (i.e. pupils aged 7 yrs old to age 13yrs old). On the 15th June is Secondary – STEM Careers Day which is aimed at KS3 and KS4 and KS5 students (age 11 yrs – 18 yrs).  

The Aim of Young Investigators Day is to provide a stimulating day of exciting STEM activities, some which could then be taken into schools and others which use equipment schools do not have access to, thereby being enhancement and enrichment opportunities.

Dates for STEM Team Duxford 2016
14th June 2016 – Young Investigators Day for Years 3-8.
15th June 2016 – Secondary Day for Years 7-13


Dates for STEM Team Duxford 2015
30th June 2015 – Young Investigators Day for Years 3-8.
1st July  2015 – Secondary Day for Years 7-13

Dates for STEM Team Duxford 2014
12th June 2014 – Young Investigators Day for Years 3-8.
13th June 2014 – Secondary Day for Years 7-13

 Dates for STEM Team Duxford 2013
12th June 2013 – Young Investigators Day for Years 3-8.
13th June 2013 – Secondary Day for Years 7-13.
Highlights of STEM Team Duxford 2012
On 13th and 14th June 2012, almost 1000 school pupils took part in our STEM Team Duxford STEM Fair undertaking hands-on activities developed by us at STEM Team East and by companies and organisations including Mott MacDonald, The University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, Papworth NHS Trust , The Scott Polar Museum and Marshall Aerospace.  We were supported by our  STEM Ambassadors, with over 50 STEM Professionals running activities and providing STEM inspiration each day.
“The students were very fortunate to have such exciting opportunities that you at STEM Team East and the STEM Ambassadors provided; their high level of focus showed they were getting alot from the activities.  I also met some very interesting and talented people who were clearly committed to contributing to education.” Education Professional.
“Our aims and objectives were teamwork and appreciation of the range of engineering applications in everyday life.  These were met. The Ambassadors enriched the activities and were fully involved and aided the pupils understanding. Excellent day.”  Teacher.
 “The ambassadors were engaging and enthusiastic in all of the activities.  They asked open ended questions that encouraged the children to think for themselves and therefore further their knowledge.” Teacher.
“This is an excellent event, the pupils are learning a lot . The Doctor gave a very intersting talk.” (Meet the Medics activity). Teacher
We come every year, it is such a good event.” Teacher
STEM TEAM Duxford 2012 Young Investigators Flyer
STEM Team Duxford 2012 Young Investigators Risk Identification
Our latest annual report: STEM Team East Annual Report 2013-2014

We recommend:
The British Science Association CREST*Investigators Scheme

British Science AssociationSTEM Team East manage the British Science Association CREST*Investigator Scheme for Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire . This scheme enables children from 5-12 years to solve scientific problems through practical investigation. The activities focus on thinking about, talking about and doing science. Each activity includes activity cards for pupils and an organiser’s information sheet with step by step instructions making it easy for get started with minumum expense of time. To register for the scheme and buy resource packs, contact us.

STEM Team East Activities

STEM Team East offer a range of STEM activities for primary pupils-costs £275/30 pupils.  Please contact us for details of our activities – including robotics, light, aerodynamics and drag, the incredible edible cell, rockets – and how to book.

Outreach Activities from The Engineering Department at The University of Cambridge – Rocket Launch Pad

Rocket Launch Pad is an outreach activity from The Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.  It is designed to introduce primary school pupils to the creativity of engineering.  Teams of pupils are challenged to build a paper tube rocket and launch pad. The rockets are then launched outside.  The activity is supported by engineering students, giving pupils the chance to find out what engineering is really about.
This activity is aimed at pupils in Yrs 5 and 6, with 30 pupils maximum per session.
2013 dates will be published in the Autumn.  Book through us at STEM Team East – email

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