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Our latest annual report: STEM Team East Annual Report 2013-2014

Supporting Secondary Education with STEM Enrichment

STEM Team East offers support with Work Related Learning, Information, Advice and Guidance and Employer Engagement.  We offer schools and colleges consultations and advice tailored to meet the schools needs. We run Annual STEM Fairs and manage the major STEM enrichment schemes such as the British Science Association CREST Awards and the Nuffield Foundation Research Bursary Scheme.   We are your first port of call for STEM Ambassador input to; career events, STEM talks, STEM clubs, mentoring and assessment and as inspiring role models. See more details on STEM Ambassadors below. We also provide Teacher CPD workshops in digital electronics and CAD/CAM.
We collaborate in the organisation and running of The First Lego League, Big Bang Events, the Rotary Technology Tournament, EESE, Cambridge Science Festival , National Science and Engineering Week and other local STEM enrichment events.


STEM Ambassadors – who are they and why are they so valuable to Schools

STEM Ambassadors are STEM Professionals: Scientists, Technologists , Engineers and Mathematicians from Academia (staff and students), Research Institutions, STEM based Industries and all related fields.
STEM Ambassadors are technicians, apprentices, undergraduates to post graduates and of all ages and experience. Their work shapes our world and describes our future.  They share the common goals of;  inspiring the next generation to appreciate STEM, improve scientific literacy  and encouraging many more young people to consider a career in these fields.

STEM Ambassadors support the work of STEM Team East in three key ways:

* They volunteer their time and expertise, inputting current STEM practice and leading edge developments in STEM into the school curricula by giving talks and supporting STEM activities and STEM Fairs organised by us at STEM Team East.
* They act as role models and mentors through their direct engagement with school STEM clubs, supporting pupils in science projects and research work and adding a new line of input to the many STEM enrichment schemes that exist.
* They are the face of employer engagement and the window to the great diversity of STEM careers, supporting school career events of all kind.

How can your school engage with STEM Ambassadors

We are currently developing ways to maximise  STEM Ambassador input to schools.  We seek your support as we approach each School in turn to establish a role for Ambassadors.  For those schools who wish to be proactive, please contact us at to request STEM Ambassador support.
STEM Ambassadors are volunteers, they are CRB cleared and insured to work with Schools and Colleges by STEMNET. The cost of STEM Ambassador support for your school is borne by the company they work for, which releases them for the event.  In many cases the STEM Ambassadors are altruistic, giving up some of their annual holiday to support a school.  Therefore there is no cost to your school for an Ambassador’s time.
For up-to-date information on activities, schemes, events, workshops and consultations available to Schools please visit our STEM e-directory page.  Please send an email to if you wish to be added to our circulation list to receive this directory each term.
Feedback Please!
In order to ensure the continued improvement of the STEM Ambassador Programme, STEMNET request feedback from Teachers who access STEM Ambassador support in their school.  The online survey takes just 5-10 minutes:

Cost for events promoted by or run by STEM Team East.

Our key role is to inform schools about STEM enrichment opportunities. Most of these are run by other organisations and some are managed by us. Many are funded by organisations such as Wellcome Trust , IOP, RSC Ogden Trust , EDT,  DATA etc and so there is no cost passed on to schools. Where there is a charge it is clearly set out in our e-directory. Please note some funding is for State Schools only . Independents Schools are always very welcome but there may be a charge.
Where  there is a charge  (typically of the order of £6-£10 per pupil) this cost will be soley for administration, resources and the venue. If STEM Ambassadors are supporting such events there is no charge for the direct contribution of the STEM Ambassadors.

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