STEM Partners

Imperial War Museum LogoImperial War Museum Duxford
IWM Duxford Department for Learning, provides a stimulating environment for supporting National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Design and Technology, Science, Numeracy, Literacy, Art, History, PSHE and Citizenship at all key stages.  Pupils are given experience of primary sources of evidence to stimulate their interest and extend skills such as observation, analysis, deduction and justification.
Cambridge Science Centre
The Cambridge Science Centre initiative is working towards establishing a highly interactive, permanent, public science centre in Cambridge for use by the whole of the region.
STEM Learning Ltd 
STEM Learning Ltd is the national organisation for the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineeringand Mathematics. It is funded by the government body Business Innovation and Skills and the Gatsby Foundation.
STEM Companies
To learn more about what we do and how you can help us by becoming a STEM partner please take a moment to read our brochure: STEM Team East, Prepare for the Future
The Ogden Trust

A charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. The undergraduates and by enabling innovative physics teaching to take place in schools, often forging links to universities. Ogden Trust does this by providing individual scholarships to talented sixth formers and undergraduates and by enabling innovative physics teaching to take place in schools, often forging links to universities.
British Science Association
The British Science Association (BSA) is a charity, founded in 1831.They organise major initiatives across the UK,including British Science Week; the annual British Science Festival; regional and local events through our network of Branches; the CREST Awards, and other programmes for young people in schools and colleges. BSA also run specific activities and training for professional science communicators, including the Science Communication Conference.
The IET is working to engineer a better world.  Their mission is to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.


CCITE is an educational consortium supported by the HJB Charitable Trust and the Hamilton Trust in Cambridge’s silicon fen bringing together leading thinkers in education, industry, business, research, academia, technology and entrepreneurship to design whole-school STEM solutions to meet the current skills crisis threatening UK’s economic prosperity. The CCITE response to this crisis is to develop the know-how and support needed by schools seeking to embed an updated approach to technological education in the curriculum for all pupils.  Central to this is a set of 20 cross-curricular student STEM projects, investigations and problem-solving activities for each of Key Stage 2 and 3 which engage students in working in teams, supported by teachers and other mentors (older students, family, STEM ambassadors etc.).

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