STEM Workshop Hire

Teachers and STEM ambassadors can hire our resources and equipment to run your own STEM workshop. See the list below.

All come with:

  1. a PowerPoint Presentation, complete with notes, and website links so you have all the necessary information to hand. These notes also include guidelines to presenting to the suggested age range.
  2. Details for a hands-on activity
  3. The option to order ready packed kits.

You can preview sample slides from the PowerPoint and place your order in the form below

Workshop Title Key Stage Hire Cost Preview Slides
The Science of the Butterfly KS2+3 Slides & Worksheet £75
Packed kit /30 pupils £30
Rocket Science KS2+3 Slides & Worksheet £75
Loan of launcher equipment £100
Satellites KS3 Slides & Worksheet £75
Packed kit /30 pupils £100
The Science of Cells KS1+2 Slides & Worksheet £75
Cells and Blood KS2+3 Slides & Worksheet £75
Wind Tunnel and Forces KS4 Hire of wind tunnel & training to be collected and returned £100/week
Science in Space – Rosetta Spacecraft & Philae Lander KS3+4 Slides & Worksheet £75
Packed kit /30 pupils £100
DNA Discovery KS4 Slides & Worksheet £75
Packed kit /30 pupils £30
Crystallography KS3+4 Slides & Worksheet £75

Use the form below to contact us about hiring the workshops in the table above.


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